Saturday, September 17, 2016

Senior Year

It's been a while since I've written in English so I think it's time to start again.
Forgive me, I'm going to start with my excuses of why I haven't been doing so for the last couple of posts. So, I usually write out an entire post in either English or Japanese first, depending on what I feel like during the week, and then translate everything in the other language before I upload my post for the week. I've been keeping myself pretty occupied for the last few weeks with moving back to Japan and getting situated, as well as restarting my studies after pretty much vacationing my last two weeks in Paris. That was fun and very much needed after the internship but now, it's time to go back to work.


Senior year of college is starting at the end of this month and while I love this back-to-school period, I haven't been able to come face to face with reality. I feel like I have time bomb ticking inside of me that'll go off once my graduation is over. I mean, I think all of us have been preparing ourselves for that moment when we are finally "on our own" but it's kind of hard to accept it when it's in front of you.


College has definitely changed me in many ways - the last three years have been the richest in both things learnt and things experienced. I discovered many news sides of myself and met so many new people. I learned to break out of my shell and become more comfortable in my own skin. I've become more adventurous and at the same time, fearless. I am more motivated and hungry for new ideas, knowledge, and adventures. I've moved 5 times in the last three years but still don't feel like settling down in one place yet.


I'm keeping my options wide open for my future. One thing I realized is that nothing has to be set in stone. It is never too late or too early to do something new. I've decided to do whatever interests me and pursue that, and once I've exhausted all that I can learn from it at that moment, I move on to the next thing that interests me. I think that's been working out pretty well because it's taken me to Paris, all around Europe, and now to studying for the LSATs. I don't know yet if I'm ever going to law school but having at least an LSAT score will be a nice backup for the future I'm heading to. I have a nice plate of things to work with right now and I'm excited to see where it'll take me.


I've been keeping a daily French journal since March and I feel like I've been more productive since I've started recording my day. It's also pretty funny to read back on my entries from a couple months ago both because my problems honestly weren't as bad as I thought they were back then and because my French was soooo baaaaad. This journal/scrapbook of mine was this slim notebook when I first bought it but now it is ready to explode. I'm glad I have so many memories to fill it with but at the same time I'm worried it won't hold up until the end of the year...


Catching up with friends is the best way to spend time off.
These particular two that I had dinner with last weekend had visited me in Paris so it hadn't been quite as long since I last saw them, compared to the others, but we still had much to talk about to fill the gaps. I caught up with another friend over dinner on another night - she had been studying abroad in Washington DC. She's one of the few friends I don't mind crying in front of and we had a pretty deep talk about how so much happened in our last year. She's one of the most smartest and talented people I know and yet, she's worried about her future - that kind of makes me laugh.


21 is still a special birthday even though "20" is the celebrated number in Japan.
We all returned to Japan just in time from each of our study abroad countries to celebrate one of the girls' 21st. We went for Mexican - I really needed that taco - and Torikizoku afterwards for some drinks. We're all wrapped up in job hunting but honestly, I think we'll all be just fine.


Tully's is like the Japanese Starbucks and the one near my place has been my hub for the past week in a half, and until we have wifi at home. The staff is super nice and some of them have started to notice me because I'm always here haha. It's like a super fancy cafeteria with nice café music and area for me to study and finish up some other necessary work.

家にまだWIFIがないので近くのTully'sで時間を潰しています。ほぼ毎日、しかも毎回5時間くらいいるので店員さん数名に顔を覚えられました。(笑) 勉強とかお仕事をするのにいい場所なので気に入っています。

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  1. 愈々最終学年だね。勉強と就活とまだまだ気が抜けないね。友人とも仲良く、そして張り合ってお互い向上していきましょう。