Sunday, September 25, 2016

Thank goodness for Wifi

We finally have wifi at our place after almost a month after moving in - it's a Japanese thing...the wifi services aren't as frequent or even commercialized as they are in the US - and I can now relax in my room and have much my needed YouTube marathons. On the contrary I've been falling a bit behind on my self-studies which has me a bit worried. The rain also has been causing me to stay indoors and weaseling out for a run in the small slot of time without rain.
I also got a part time job at the company that organizes international conferences, which is actually pretty cool. I feel like I'm finally doing something in the field that I've been working towards.
I have also been doing Pokémon: now before you judge me, let me have my say in that it is a great game to keep me from really thinking about anything AND I played the entire thing in French. All in all anyone who knows me well knows that I lack absolutely all talent when it comes to video games (I seriously struggled to beat the first stage of Super Mario Bros) and would probably laugh just seeing me with a DS in front of me.


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