Saturday, October 15, 2016


Gosh this week has just not been easy for me - one stressful event after another just keep on piling up and I'm ready to explode. It's kind of hard to imagine that just last weekend I was in Yokohama to enjoy the Oktoberfest with some good friends and beer...guess it all just started after that. Anyways, let's just call this week one big unstable emotional mess.


Spotify came to Japan! (finally!)
Well actually it was released I believe a couple weeks ago but I finally got to downloading it last weekend. The soundtracks are a little different to me only because I first downloaded the app when I was in France, where the music and vibes catered to the French audience. I'm definitely hearing a lot more Japanese songs, which I don't usually listen to, but the whole point of Spotify is to discover new music right?!


As I mentioned, I went to the Oktoberfest in Yokohama, which is a scaled down version of the original in Germany. I really fell in love with Germany throughout my trips last year around the country, which pushed me to start learning the language this semester. My sister also took the language for a few years so now we have a little more in common, which makes me really excited. Anyways, the event was super fun, chill, festive, full of beer, and happy people. We walked along the waters at night (Yokohama is port city!) and the illuminations were quite magical.


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  1. アッその黒ビール(?)一口飲ませてほしい、美味しそう。アテは何だろう。