Saturday, November 19, 2016

Job Hunting in Japan

Seriously can time fly any faster?
While I'm both happy and relieved that a week of midterms have already finished, leaving me with only one more week, I am struggling to keep up with the pace of time.
I have so much to do and so little time.
Can someone please invent some time portal-esque creation to increase the day to maybe 36 hours without having to worry about aging?
First semester of senior year is already half gone and I am furiously doing anything I can to end up working in the industry that I want to be in.
I am also in denial that I actually need to buy a "Shukatsu" suit, aka a f***ing expensive ensemble that the Japanese society quietly forces future graduates to buy as a way of proving assimilation to the social standards so that we can land a job.
Everyone around me has already bought one but I've actually been getting interviews without one, and making good impressions (I think I do, at least) - I'm questioning why it is really necessary to "spend" so much money when we are actually trying to find a job to "make money." I'm seeing so many contradictions in this annual social norm that make me question what "professionalism" and "being qualified" is according to those elites who have the honor of either giving us a thumbs up or the "you're not assimilated enough to social norms so we don't want you."
I've heard of some pretty horrific stories of extremely qualified people being rejected because they are "too qualified" or even on TV when the senpais rank universities according to "who they don't want working under them" reasoned partly with the statements like "they're stuck up (author's note: yes, that's understandable) because they're more qualified (ok hold up, maybe this means that the more qualified should be in charge of you?)."
Compared to Western norms, it is the age, not experience, that is rather stressed as being important and I feel like the there is an existing belief that companies would prefer hiring those that can cater towards their beliefs rather than provide new ideas.
Of course, I cannot think a greater time for desperate graduates in which companies willingly accept tens of new employees to their company at the same time.
It's just that some things I just don't agree with.


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  1. 色々とストレスが溜まりますね。これが日本だと思って辛抱してください。