Saturday, November 12, 2016

Sunday Cafe Day

It's Sunday so I'm at the café near my house again to study.
Midterms are starting tomorrow so I'll probably be hibernating in the library for the next two weeks.
There are so many students around me right now who I'm assuming are on the same boat.


I feel like I've been really productive lately - I was really into "new experiences" my first three years in college but I'm finally focused more on my studies now and have been living like a hermit.
I don't mean just school studies but just studying in general - things that have been interesting me but I had never really gone around to learn about.
I've been able to do some interesting jobs thanks to that and I'm really thankful that my efforts are paying off.
This week I was able to be a translator at an after party of a particular event that took place at an embassy. I initially thought that I would be helping out in the event planning side but was told when I arrived that I would be translating. I'm disappointed that I could have done better but it was an amazing experience and I hope I can do more jobs like this in the future.
My goal as a translator right now is to be able to do the job in languages other than in English and Japanese.


I had dinner with a friend at an Izakaya and we were both surprised at the size of our "fried food set." It was a lot bigger than expected, especially for just the two of us, but we enjoyed it either way.


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  1. この盛りはすごいね。お酒に揚げ物は欠かせません。美味しそうね。