Friday, December 9, 2016

800 Degrees Pizza

I don't know what I was thinking but I posted last week completely thinking that it was Sunday (it was actually Saturday).
This week was just a week of headaches - I'm constantly thinking about my graduation thesis and reports to write and I am so done.
I cannot wait for winter break.


Last weekend I wait dinner with some girls from the gymnastics team that I was part of until I left for France at a restaurant in Shinjuku called 800 Degrees Pizza. This restaurant was kind of like a mix between a fast food restaurant and a fine dining restaurant - no waiters came to take our order so we personally went to the counter to choose our pizza and toppings, kind of like Chipotle. The pizzas were then taken to a stove where they were baked until the crust turned nicely golden brown. We said cheers with some virgin mojitos and the restaurant's orignal lemonade since we were all busy the next day.

先週末は久しぶりに体操部女子のメンバーと集まって新宿にある800 Degrees Pizzaというレストランでピザを食べました。ここではウェイターさんがテーブルに来ないので、自分でカウンターまで行き、好きなものを頼むシステムでした。まず好きな生地の種類を選び、のせたいトッピングを選んでいくという注文の仕方です。そこから窯にピザを入れて焼いてもらいます。StarbucksやChipotleのようなファストフードとダイニングレストランが混ざったような場所です。

I took the Japanese Language Proficiency Test last weekend.
I guess not many people take the exam and I got many "Nihao"s from people.
Looking forward to the results!


This weeks film:
This script for this film was actually intended to for a play but was altered to be a movie.
It stars Meryl Streep and follows a poor yet quite lively family in Ireland, through young boy Michael.


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  1. 夕べは顔が見られて声が聞けて嬉しかったよ。元気だけどあの寒そうな様子に暖房が必要だと思いました。2月頃の寒さは分かるでしょう?小さなヒーターでも置いた方が賢いよ。風邪でもひいたら大変だもの。