Sunday, December 25, 2016

Happy Holidays: Friends, Donuts, and Cakes

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
I had an early Christmas celebration with my friends on Monday and despite having class the next morning (one of my friends had her final exam the next day!), we all gathered to make some food, do a Secret Santa, and stay up almost all night. Looking forward to enjoying the rest of college like this.


I came across a really yummy donut at "Jack in the Donuts" at Akasaka and really wanted to show you. It's called Crème Brulee, and just like the real thing, this donut had a nice crunchy sugar coating. The interior was a super chewy dough (like mocha-chewy) filled with custard.
There were a couple more that I wanted to try so I must go back again soon!

Jack in the Donutsというお店のクリームブリュレとういドーナツがとっても美味しかったので紹介します。本物のクレムブリュレのように外は砂糖がこんがり焦がしてあり、もちもちの生地の中にはプリンんい近いカスタードは入っていました。気になったものが他にも幾つかあったのでまた行ってみようかなと思ってます。

My brother brought home this really strawberry shortcake.
Very typical in Japan for Christmas haha
It was delicious and thank you again to my brother for going out to buy it for us.


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  1. お友達と楽しそうでいいなぁ。翔洋ってこのケーキ買ってきたんやね。すごい、としか言いようがない。思い切りがいいわ。