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Happy Birthday

Only one more exam and I'll be free! 試験も残すは一つでやっと終わりが見えてきました。
My sister turned 17. Happy Birthday sis! 妹が17歳になりました。 誕生日おめでとう!

Films I watched this week: 今週見た映画:


I feel like January always goes by the fastest.
I can't believe there's only 9 more days.
This week I had a job interview. There were 3 people that came in one by one over the course of 2 hours and I felt like it was a bit of a whirlwind. Surprisingly, I didn't feel nervous at all.


MØ released a new song called "Don't Leave" and I immediately got hooked.
She's one of the few artists I really want to see live but right now, I'm just looking forward to her next album.

わたしが好きなMØという歌手がDon't Leaveという新曲を出したのでリピートとして聞いています。

I've also been listening to Majestic Casual that compiles some really cool indie bands/singers onto one channel.
Majestic CasualというYoutubeチャンネルも最近お気に入りです。 欧米のインディーズの音楽をまとめているチャンネルなのですが、いい曲がたくさんあって毎回探すのが楽しいです。

My film of the week is "The Ele…

Films to Watch While Studying

I was a bit all over the place this week and almost forgot to post something. I apologize for writing the same thing over the last couple of weeks but I have 6 final exams to study for and 2 essays to write this month so I'm trying to my best to balance everything out. I also have to submit what I have so far of my thesis at the end of this month. The actual due date for the thesis is in the end of June but I've kind of been on a role lately so I decided that I'll just finish it and turn in my finished product this semester. I. AM. SO. CLOSE. There's been a weird sense of pain in my right wrist from writing and typing too much but I hope it doesn't give up on me, at least for another half a month. Next semester should be a lot easier after all the work this month; guess coffee and chocolate are going to be my buddies for a little while longer! I like to keep movies running while I study. Here are some that I watched this week:
少しバタバタしていた一週間でブログのことを忘れてしまいそうでした。 毎週同…

Italian-Japanese Ramen Fusion Restaurant

I stopped by a restaurant called Due Italian, located in Ichigaya, for lunch one day. The name sounds very Italian but this restaurant actually specializes in Ramen. It was an Italian-Japanese/Chinese fusion that was simply wonderful. Amongst the Italian-esque ramens that were on the menu, I decided to go with the "Shiroramen" (literally, White Ramen), which was a pork based (I'm pretty sure it was pork based) soup that faintly tasted of cheese, filled with thick Ramen noodles, and finally topped with ham and spinach. The dish was a nice fancy twist to the normal ramen that I think many people in Japan can associate with as being food to eat when you're drunk. The restaurant itself was very small, perfect even for solo guests, and the service was amazing. Already thinking about going back again...
ある日の昼のこと。 市ヶ谷にあるDue Italianというお店でご飯を食べました。 イタリアンの名前ですが、実はラーメン屋さんなのです。 イタリアン風に仕上げられたメニューがたくさんある中、わたしは「白ラーメン」を頼みました。 ほんのりチーズがする豚骨スープ(あれはたぶん豚骨だった。。。)の中に少し太めの麺がたっぷり。 生ハムとほうれん草…

Japanese Shrines to Welcome the New Year

I may have already mentioned this in a previous post but Happy New Year! I always have trouble getting back into the groove of things after break but I'm especially having trouble this year.
改めて、明けましておめでとうございます。 休み明けはやっぱりなかなかやる気が出ないですね。 まだ少しぼーっとしてます (笑)
I visited a shrine on January 1, where it's a custom to greet the gods and tell them your wishes and prayers for the new year. I absolutely had nothing to wish for myself this year surprisingly so I just said hello and wished for my family's health.
さて、元日は神社でお参りをしてきました。 一昨年まではお願いすることがあったのですが、今年は特に思いつかず、 ”こんにちは、家族の健康をよろしくお願いします。” とだけ言いました。

I got addicted to this Tamago-senbei that was sold in one of the tents set up at the shrine.
I probably ate more than I should during the 3 ganichi (literally means "3 days"; the first three days of the new year are considered "new year days" in Japan) but street foods always have a special place in my heart.


Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Hope this year brings everyone happy vibes to everyone!
新年あけましておめでとうございます。 今年もよろしくお願いします。
I'm finally on winter break and it has been the most relaxing and lazy period in the longest time. Here are some films and books from the past week.

I went to Sarabeth's in Shinjuku with my friend for brunch.
They're apparently known for their egg benedicts but I had a hamburger instead.

友達と新宿のサラベスというカフェでブランチを食べました。 エッグベネディクトが美味しいところなのですが、わたしはハンバーガーを食べました。

The restaurant that I stopped by in Shinjuku called Mr. Farmer happened to be a vegetarian/vegan restaurant. I was so surprised but elated at the same time.
I had a vegan coconut curry, which I was extremely happy about as well as a vegan cheesecake.
I think this is my new favorite restaurant!

新宿でたまたま入ったMr. Farmerがベジタリアン・ビーガンレストランでした。